Sunnyside Care Home

Sunnyside Care Home

An all-new logo, sales and promotional material

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Sunnyside Care Home

Project Overview

Sunnyside Care Home in Peoria, Arizona contacted Rule27 to refresh their logo and create sales material that would help them increase occupancy at the home. They wanted to brighten up the overall look and feel of their material along with a new logo. They also had a need for branded promotional material, such as keychains, pens, and drinkware, so the logo needed to work well on a variety of materials and sizes while still being recognizable.

Project Execution

Our team took time to visit the facility and get a better sense of the project and to meet with the staff. Everyone was so incredibly kind and patient; you could tell they truly cared for their guests and provided the highest level of care and service to them. Once we got back to our office, we got to work. We immediately started honing in on the 'sunny' in Sunnyside as a way to brighten things up and provide brand recognition. After several design sessions, we landed on a look and feel we felt was best suited to represent the Care Home and the wonderful folks who live and work there.


We ended up with a bright yellow circle to represent the sun and placed the 'sunny' inside the circle and 'side' to the side of the sun to further drive home the 'sunny-side' idea. This allowed us to compliment the yellow with a cool and calming blue that brough the color scheme an overall fresh and approachable feel. Plenty of white-space and a rounded sans-serif typeface gave the whole logo a fresh and modern feeling. Once the logo was done, we got to work on the sales material, most importantly a trifold brochure that prospective residents could take home and learn more about the facility.

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