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Good finch Logo

Project Overview

Good finch Photography is an upstart portrait and photography business in Phoenix, Arizona that needed a logo before the business was launched. Vanessa, the owner and photographer came to us looking for a way to visualize her new company, but was adamant that the logo not include a camera or re-use any of the typical motifs she had seen online from dozens of other photographers. She wanted to stand out and create something that was unique and eye catching.

Project Execution

We asked a lot of questions about Vanessa's personal style, took a look at hundreds of her photos and most importantly, dove into the unique name, Good finch. Vanessa attended Point Loma Nazarene University in San Diego, California where she first fell in love with photography. She stayed in two different dormitories during her time there, Finch Hall and Goodwin Hall. Hence, the name Good finch. She loved the idea of paying homage to her alma mater and creating something that was unique and most importantly, a name that was available on all social platforms!


We got to work, ideating several ways to make the logo feminine, but also stand out and be recognizable to others. Once Vanessa saw the below logo, she knew it was the one. It was simply composed, yet had script that felt soft and easy to read. The name 'Good finch' was visible and readable, even inside the small profile photo of Instagram, her main platform to showcase her work. Search for @goodfinchphotography on Instagram.

There are 17 North American species of finch, so finding the right color to make our finch wasn't easy. We chose a bright shade of orange to call attention to the finch, but also as a nod to the House Finch's orange/red plumage. And since student housing was the inspiration for the name, what better finch to choose than the House Finch.

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