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CSA Logo

Project Overview

Classic Sports Apparell (purposely misspelled) is a locally owned sneaker, leather goods and sporting apparel resale business based out of Chandler, Arizona. The owner came to us looking to have his existing logo, shown below, redesigned into something more simple and 'classic'.

Project Execution

The original logo uses models from the Air Jordan line from Nike to demonstrate both that the company sells sneakers but, the specific shoes hanging from the letters have meaning as well. C is the 3rd letter in the alphabet, so the 3rd model from the Air Jordan line is used, S is the 19th letter, so the 19th model is used, and A is the 1st letter, so the first model is used. The 23 in the background is an obvious nod to Michael Jordans jersey number with the Chicago Bulls and Washington Wizards. While this is a fantastic detail that only the most hardcore of sneaker or Michael Jordan fans may notice, the sneakers clutter up the logo and make things confusing as to the name of the company.

We began by stripping everything away and trying to focus on a simple way to demonstrate CSA. We wanted to create something fresh and modern, while still having an air of vintage and 'classic' sports feeling from the 70s and 80s.


We landed on a connected version of the logo that ties all the letters together in a vintage way, but still feels modern. The focus is on CSA instead of 23 or pairs of shoes dangling from letters. This updated logo is much easier to print on to merchandise such as shirts or promotional giveaways. You can find the owner of CSA buying/selling/trading at sneaker and vintage events all across the United States.

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