Sneaker Juice

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Sneaker Juice

Project Overview

Local businessman Jermaine Muff runs a specialty sneaker store in Tempe, Arizona called 13OnUp, which specializes in sneakers for local athletes and celebrities in size 13+, which can often be difficult to find in sizes that large. Anyone with a large foot understands the struggle of going into a sneaker store and only having a handful of options to choose from in a large size. Mr. Muff contacted Rule27 to help him brand his new formula of Premium Sneaker Cleaner called 'Sneaker Juice'. As a value add to his customers who were buying expensive sneakers, he wanted to also offer a safe way to clean and maintain the often expensive shoes his customers were purchasing.

Project Execution

As fellow sneaker heads, we immediately got a sample of the Sneaker Juice and put it to the test on our own sneakers to see how well it worked. Sneaker Juice worked better than advertised and left our shoes clean and soft with added conditioners. Sneaker Juice definitely impressed us with how well it cleaned and so we got to work creating something that was eye catching, yet felt clean and refreshing. We were inspired by laundry detergent logos and packaging as we found a way to balance the clean blue against the red and yellow for an eye catching pop. Speaking of POP, we added a burst of soap and bubbles to drive home the cleaners intended use and add a bit of refreshing depth to the overall design.


We presented the concept to Mr. Muff and he loved it. We sized the logo for the bottles he had purchased online and was planning to fill at his kitchen sink. Sneaker Juice went on sale at 13OnUp later that month and was a hit with customers.

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