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CRM Implementation




Realtime Integrations

Project Overview

Goal: Build realtime integrations between a Customer Relationship Manager (CRM) system and an Enterprise resource planning(ERP) system.

  • Build a fully scalable and customized sales process with multi dimensional pricing.
  • Have a system that tracks all integrations bidirectionally allowing for proper logging
  • Have the ability to see error handling in real time without needing to reach out to support
  • Need to have all products synced between multiple systems

Project Execution

In order to complete this request we implemented Salesforce for their CRM system. They already had SAP for their instance so we brought in AWS for the middleware. This allowed for us to: 

  • Buildout their AWS instance building out the dedupe process as well as a listener on both sides to always have as close to real time integrations for data integrity.
  • We moved forward with allowing for multiple price books on the Salesforce side for product integrity
  • We built processes to reoccurring follow ups & auto ordering allowing for their customers to be able to always be able to be on top of their orders.


Rule27 Design was able to get this real time integration into phase 1 within 2 months with all requirements tested and implemented. Once we implemented the first phase we were able to see holes in the design and spent the following 2-3 months working on more items that make the system work for the clients instead of the clients working around their technology.

Conclusion: Focusing on the correct technology will always allow for you to focus on what truly matters. This can then have a snowball effect that opens more doors allowing you to perform at your very best.

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