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JOTR Digital Resume

Project Overview

Julian Nieh, or Julian on the Radio as he's known over the airwaves, is a longtime friend of Rule27. So when he approached us asking if we could make his resume and portfolio digital while staying true to his overall vibe and aesthetic, we jumped at the chance. Julian is a highly accomplished and seasoned 'On-Air Personality' that has brought his unique blend of sarcasm, humor, and approachability to his craft across the United States. Julian is an avid sneaker collector and makes hip-hop and streetwear clothing his daily uniform. Julian wanted a resume and portfolio that accurately reflected his love of the urban/hip-hop culture while giving potential new affiliate stations a sample of his on-air personality and style.

Project Execution

We began by gathering some of Julians most impactful online pieces, videos from Tik Tok and YouTube, social posts from Instagram and links to his 'air checks' which are short snippets of a radio show, typically where the personality takes calls from listeners requesting songs, transitions from commercials back to music, or gives away prizes on air - like concert tickets or Disneyland passes. These 'air checks' are a crucial part of the hiring process, as radio station managers need to make quick decisions about a personality and whether or not their core listeners will tune in to listen.

Once all the material was gathered, we found a size that was appropriate for emailing to station managers and got to work designing the overall look/feel of the resume. We included some graffiti artwork over top of brickwork to bring the urban feeling to life. The urban landscape of a modern city is visible inside Julians name, and dripping paint ties it all together. We created a cartoon like effect for his image on the back, as if someone painted his portrait on the brick wall, and included links to his social platforms, along with his extensive list of awards and accomplishments.


The final result is something Julian is happy to present to station managers and he feels gives him a leg up on the competition to land new stations his show is broadcast to. The format is easy to edit and change, so if Julian decides to swap out one air check for another, its a simple change and there is no time lost redesigning and laying out the digital resume.

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