Ball Till U Fall Sneakers

Ball Till U Fall Sneakers

Branding an up-and-coming sneaker resale store

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Ball Till U Fall Sneakers

Project Overview

The owner of Ball Till U Fall Sneakers contacted us before a large sneaker buy/sell/trade event letting us know that he had purchased a booth to sell his products. Rule27 was contracted to create a professional looking logo, business cards and a banner to display in the booth, but could also be re-used at other events as well.

Project Execution

Knowing this was a time sensitive request, we immediately got to work asking the owner, Matt, several questions about his style and what he envisioned for his logo. He wanted to incorporate his favorite pair of sneakers, but not in a way that other sneaker resell businesses have done in the past. He had taken the time to create an origianl name for his business that deserved a unique and original logo design. We started with a few sketches to get a better idea of what he liked and didn't like, but also to zero in on a design direction.


After a few rounds of concepts, we were able to get the typeface, logo style and sneaker artwork just right. We used big and bold lettering for the business name to call attention to the sneaker art placed above it, while making the word 'sneakers' small and thin to create a nice hierarchy to the logo. Once the logo was approved, we got to work on the business cards and banner that would be displayed at his booth. After finishing up all required projects, Matt asked if we could help him get his LLC paperwork filed online in order to start reaping the benefits of business ownership. We happily obliged and walked him through the process online, even spending time on the phone with LegalZoom after a billing error caused Matt to be double charged his filing fee.

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